Wednesday, 24 July 2013

LaFerrari Complete Chassis

This is the chassis for my first creation on this blog, a ferrari 'LaFerrari'. It features working steering, full independent suspension, a fake engine, a drive motor, a 7 speed manual gearbox with linkages, and it is all built off a monocoque (Tub, monocell, bodyshell, etc.)chassis never seen before in Lego Technic.

First of all, the composition of the monocoque. The monocoque is made up of the top and the bottom sections, the top is actually part of the bodywork and is barely structural.

The battery box is incorporated into the tub as a structural and functional element.

Next, the engine and gearbox. The engine is a V12 with an electric motor added on for extra power as in the real car. An XL motor would not fit in the provided space so I used an M motor.

The gearbox is complete with linkages that will extend to the cockpit into a gear selector. The engine mounts perfectly into the back of the monocoque. The differential is in-between the engine and gearbox to make the engine layout more realistic.

The wire you can see attaches to a receiver in the cockpit which attaches to the battery box. 

The steering was a simple linkage with several universal joints that attach directly to the pinion gear on the rack.
This picture also gives a closer view of the receiver and the gear selector.

Finally, I added the wishbones and the suspension to create the finished chassis.

A page for the complete vehicle will be added when finished. I am sorry to announce that this model will not be completed due to some minor, difficult errors to resolve.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hi to everyone out there, I'm Hornet and I'm starting a new Lego blog for my latest Lego Technic creations. This is my first blog post on my first ever blog so any advice will be much appreciated and always taken onboard. Comments on anything will also be much appreciated whether it's suggestions, questions, answers or the alike. Instructions may be supplied a short time after the creation is posted and links will be supplied but they can also be personally emailed if there are problems with links. My first creation, a Ferrari 'LaFerrari', is already in building process and will be posted when the chassis is fully complete and posted again when complete with bodywork and possibly a video. Building instructions will follow. I hope you will be a regular visitor in the future and please promote my blog to anyone, Lego builder or not, Friends or family, anyone! If you have anything to say, I will leave my email address below. Thanks for reading and see you soon,

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